Kawai Model 600 6' Grand

This piano has been our personal piano for the past 8 years or so - living in our music room,  it was originally a joint project with Del Fandrich to design a soundboard and string scale that would sound more European in nature - lower tension scale with less inharmonicity and focused  more on the fundamental partial with less high overtone content.  The tone is very relaxed and pleasant with a little less volume than the factory version, but with a very full sounding bass for it's size.  Del built the soundboard/bridges and installed them and I finished it up by restringing and rebuilding the action with Ronsen Wurtzen hammer felt and Abel shanks and flanges for a medium weight, nicely balanced action.  Features that I especially like are quality case design and hardware, and rare one piece ivory keytops in pristine condition.  Definitely a musicians instrument - perfect for a small music room. Adjustable artist bench is included.

Click on the music player at the bottom to hear a recording of Camilla playing Agays variations on a Hebrew folk theme

Asking price is SOLD