Piano Tuning & Moving

Piano Tuning Services

Pianos need regular tunings to counteract the effects of daily and seasonal variations in heat and humidity. Allowing the piano to drift too far out of tune causes the pitch to change (usually going flat). Significantly changing the pitch (usually referred to as a pitch raise), while sometimes necessary, will make it impossible to achieve the finest tuning the piano will allow and will introduce instability to the tuning - the strings will have a tendancy over time to readjust their tension causing the piano to sound out of tune sooner than just the effect of changing humidity would account for. Yearly tunings help to counter the effects of seasonal humidity changes, while more frequent tunings keep the piano closer to perfect tune.

As an R.P.T. (Registered Piano Technician) Member of the Piano Technicians Guild (P.T.G.), Rick Carter has been tuning pianos in the greater Eugene area since 1988, and regularly tunes for the Eugene Symphony, the Shedd, the Wildish Theatre, LCC Music Dept., the Cuthbert Theatre, many churches in the Eugene - Springfield area along with many private clients. Our goal is to offer expert, concert quality service at affordable rates to all of our clients, whether they own concert quality pianos or old uprights in need of T.L.C.

Piano Moving Services

Along with tuning and rebuilding , we offer limited moving services for our local clients. We have been moving pianos in and out of our rebuilding shop for twenty years, along with many,many moves for our private clients (at last estimate, over 2000). While piano moving is not our main focus - it is a regular part of our workload and we have a vast experience with all types of pianos from spinets to 7' grands.